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Core App Solutions

Core App Solutions

Are you a licensed Smartsheet user? Are you brand new to using Smartsheet? Do you have little to no formal Smartsheet training yet?


Join Smartsheet for an immersive virtual 3-day training session on Smartsheet basics, where you'll gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to navigate and utilize Smartsheet's powerful features. This program is designed to provide hands-on experience and expert guidance while immersing you in best practices and real-world examples. Don't miss this opportunity to become a Smartsheet pro and take your productivity to new heights in just three days! 





  • Import, build, and standardize sheets for seamless collaboration
  • Utilize formulas to surface key metrics and automate cell values
  • Create automations for alerts, approvals, update requests, changes, and more  
  • Build intake forms to help capture information 
  • Build reports to see all projects in one place
  • Create dashboards for one-stop project information centers


Topics Covered

Day 1


Sheet Foundations

  • Create, import, and use templates to start your work in Smartsheet.
  • Learn Smartsheet navigation by exploring the product and sheet features.
  • Create filters, conditional formatting, update requests, hierarchy, and column types.


  • Create workspaces to house project information to share with your team.
  • Review permission settings and item sharing permissions. 

Project Settings

  • Set dependencies and predecessors in Gantt view.
  • Examine timeline display, working days, and the Duration column. 
  • Plug in predecessors to keep critical items on track.
  • Set baselines and determine time for similar tasks in the future.


Day 2


Create Forms

  • Create an intake sheet and a form.
  • Examine the form fields and set form logic.
  • Discuss form settings and how to share the form with others.
  • Creating your own form and sharing it with the instructor.


  • Set up automations based on dates and triggers with an update request.
  • Create a conditional approval workflow.
  • Review how automations can sometimes be used in lieu of formulas.


  • Locate materials on the formulas and functions.
  • Create formulas with =countif and a nested =if statements.
  • Review the Sheet Summary feature.


Day 3



  • Create several types of reports, including status and current user.
  • Use filters to refine the data shown in reports.
  • Publish reports for external audiences.


  • Set up metrics sheet for dashboard graphs.
  • Examine best practices on widget data and settings.
  • Review how to publish and share a Dashboard.


  • Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired throughout the training and prepare for the Smartsheet Core Product Certification. 
    $1,499.00 Regular Price
    $1,399.00Sale Price
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