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Our Services Overview

Smartsheet Solutions

  • Licenses & Resale

  • Custom Solution Design & Implementation

  • Future State Design

  • Workflows, Automation, & Forms

  • Real-time Reporting & Dashboards

  • Smartsheet Premium Apps + Integrations

  • Control Center + Portfolio WorkApps

  • Administration & Managed Services

  • RAIDLOG as an add-on or standalone

  • Smartsheet Virtual Assistants

Project Portfolio Management

  • Project Leadership & Augmentation

  • PMO Rescue

  • PMO & PPM Implementation

  • PMO Assessment, Initiation, & Coaching

  • Scrum Master Augmentation

  • Change & Risk Management

  • Traditional, Agile, & Hybrid Project Management Methodologies

  • PPM Tools & Templates

  • PMO & Governance Consulting

  • Portfolio Management

Business Analysis/ Process Optimization

  • Business Analysis Consulting

  • Requirements Documentation

  • Business Analysis Documentation and Templates

  • Process Automation, Optimization & Redesign

  • Process Modeling,  Diagramming & Documentation 

  • Streamline Workflows

  • Eliminate Redundancies & Inefficiencies

  • Trainual

  • Organizational Agility

Our Approach


Our services are customized for your needs.  We include:

  • a free consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities,

  • a comprehensive proposal that includes implementation plan and pricing options with timelines and post-implementation support. 

We also provide "a la cart" services that you can pick below to meet your more immediate business and technology needs.


At The Smart PM, we become a member of your team to produce great work every day and get s*** done.  

The Smart PM at Your Service

Smartsheet PMO Accelerator - See it in Action

The Smart PM can help you create, customize, and implement with Smartsheet.


Our Happy Clients

"I was lucky to have Melissa assigned as my Smartsheet consultant. After assessing our complex needs she came up with solutions that would work for us. She is sharp, quick, and incredibly focused on success. Her project management skills and leadership skills allowed us to establish a successful end project that exceeded our needs. Working with her is a pleasure and I hope to continue to work with her as our organization needs grow and change."

Kelly J., AbbVie HR Communications Assoc. Director

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