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Looking for Smartsheet Gov services?


We are WOSB & VOSB certified and registered on



Unlocking Possibilities, Empowering Tomorrow: Your Journey to Innovative IT Solutions Begins Here!

At The Smart PM, we understand that progress and success in the digital era rely heavily on cutting-edge technology.


That's why we're dedicated to offering a carefully curated selection of innovative IT solutions that pave the way for your future endeavors.


Grant Management Program

TSP's one of a kind pre-built solution to empower your organization with our grant management solution for smarter, streamlined funding processes and greater impact

Our Happy Clients

"I was lucky to have Melissa assigned as my Smartsheet consultant. After assessing our complex needs she came up with solutions that would work for us. She is sharp, quick, and incredibly focused on success. Her project management skills and leadership skills allowed us to establish a successful end project that exceeded our needs. Working with her is a pleasure and I hope to continue to work with her as our organization needs grow and change."

Kelly J., AbbVie HR Communications Assoc. Director

Veteran-Owned Certified, VOSB
Women-Owned Certified, WOSB
Trainual Certified Consultant
Smartsheet Solution Silver Partner
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